UV Sterilizer – What is One?

A UV sterilizer offers many advantages, improving both the appearance and the health of your fish tank. If you have ever visited a tanning salon, then you have likely witnessed what an ultraviolet lamp really looks like. You may be imagining an ultraviolet sterilizer installed in a fish tank, casting an eerie violet light over the water, drowning out any other fish and even destroying fish eggs. esterilizador uv is not necessarily the case however, and there are many other options available.

UV disinfectant is the best bet if you want to provide your fish with a healthier tank, but what is it exactly? It is a combination of a UV lamp and a biological filter. A UV lamp is designed specifically to produce ultraviolet light which kills bacteria. A biological filter is then added to the UV lamp to reduce or remove the effects of other pollutants.

There are several UV sterilizers available on the market. The choice should largely depend upon your fish and the requirements they have. For example, fish with a high tolerance to stress will be more compatible with UV lamps. This means they can be safely exposed to UV light without causing undue damage. However, it is important to keep in mind that all fish need to be treated by a qualified professional before being put inside a UV lamp. In most cases, these professionals are experts in this field, so the odds are greatly in your favor if you opt for a professional product rather than the cheaper alternative.