Carry out A person Think Of which The almighty Can Listen to the Yowls involving Young children around Oppressive Houses?

Are you aware that there are hundreds of thousands of kids in this country who are dwelling in abusive homes? Did you know that countless numbers go to bed every single night with bruises or cuts on their bodies due to the fact the grownup in the property, who ought to really like and shield them, lash out at the most innocent and helpless beings in the home? Did you know that there are moms of children all across this land who would select their abusive boyfriend or spouse over their possess young children? He pays the hire so someway he now has permission to beat or rape their youngsters as a lot as they want to. This and more is going on throughout the land of the cost-free, the house of the brave. My issue to you is, do you think that our holy and loving God in heaven hears the cries of kids who are residing in abusive homes?

I think that you and I know that He hears the cries of the youngsters. of all is that He has a panoramic view of every little bit of the abuse that I just talked about and much more. He sees it all. It need to split His coronary heart to see this kind of atrocities against youngsters in abusive properties across our land.

Somehow we have accepted the abuse of youngsters in the house as standard. It is variety of like what Jesus said, “The inadequate you will always have with you.” We have recognized that youngsters in abusive properties will usually be between us. Whether we know kids in the properties that are getting abused or not, we know that there are young children becoming abused. We seem the other way and we overlook the cries of young children in agony without an advocate.

You may possibly be contemplating that I am being a small harsh. I feel that a single of the causes that little one abuse prevails in our land is that the Church of the Living God is not a praying church. God explained that if we would humble ourselves and pray and seek out His face, then He would hear our prayers and heal our land. He explained that the person who makes it possible for a small one to stumble would be much better off if a mill stone was tied about his neck and he be thrown into the sea. This implies that the welfare and security of our youngsters is in the forefront of God’s head. If that is so, then we need to also imagine that it is His will that youngsters be rescued from abusive residences. If it is His will, then our prayers for helpless and innocent youngsters who are victims of abuse every minute of every single day, are definitely prayers that He will hear and solution.

In summary if we know that He will hear and solution our prayers for abused children, then we surely ought to be praying. If we grasp the severity and gravity of the national epidemic of young children in abusive homes, how can we not pray? I assure you that our govt and social nicely-fare do not have the answer to this issue. I assure you the God does! I guarantee you that if you pray He will hear. I promise you that if you pray for kids in abusive residences, God will listen to and you will make an effect in the daily life of a little one who has no hope, unless you pray! As it is created so frequently in the Guide of Psalms, Selah! In other phrases, pause and think about the weight of what experienced just been mentioned. Soon after you believe about it, then pour your heart out to God for the deliverance of these young children who have no advocate until you pray.